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07 November 2010 @ 08:35 pm
i'm feeling slightly miffed and put out by a couple of things regarding work - i know i am happy for this person and i'm trying not to be bitter about the whole situation but said person, to me.. is smugly rubbing it in my face? maybe it's all psychological, who knows?
i can't help feel jealous. i sound so stupid but i feel like i've found my calling in life. yeah, i probably could be a bit more emotionally stable. sometimes i just want to cry and cry and this i haven't figured out why yet. i think the job gets on top of me, in the case of i feel like people don't trust me as much as said person, even though he doesn't take things 'that' seriously. for example: one afternoon i was helping him with a contact as his CRB hadn't come through. this particular family get one hour with the childen, so i checked the clock in the room, then checked the clock on my phone and i asked said person the time on his phone. it turns out the clock on the wall was 10 minutes fast so the contact ended ten minutes early due to him saying quitely "we'll just do it by the time on the wall". he also then revealed on the drive back to work that one of the workers set it forward 10 minutes because she had somewhere to be. this isn't right? surely. he's rather two-faced at times so i never know if he's trustable. i used to think he was such a nice guy and good to get along with and now i don't really want to be around him that much, kinda gets my blood boiling a bit.

anyway, the reason why i'm jealous is that the manager of our team has asked him to stay on when our placement ends, so he'd be employed by them. now, i've not been asked this question, (i have been off ill all week) and i have no idea if i will get asked. this is annoying the hell out of me.. i feel like they acknowledge him more than myself and i work really hard! i don't drive, but i'm currently learning! i don't want them to favour him over me because i can't drive because it's damn obvious he doesn't care about this job.
the other day he covered a contact with me. jo who i help with most days (she calls me her sidekick) went to las vegas and she specifically asked me to help cover one of her families whist she's away, and due to the person having a car and being able to drive had to assist me to pick up the children. before contact he said "am i writing the c-sheet or are you doing it yourself?" i replied "i'll do it, it's ok" and he replied "oh good, i thought you were going to say you do it, and i just can't be arsed today". when i was writing the report up i asked to check it to see if i missed anything as during the contact i needed to nip to the toilet. he said "that shouldn't go there, i'd prefer it up in this section" but hello? i covered the contact, i wrote the report, i don't care what you prefer? i care if i missed anything. "oh, nothing happened when you left the room" so nothing at all happened? ok.
this is what i'm talking about! oh my gosh. i know i've ranted, but jeeeez he needs to get down from his high horse, it's terrible.

anyway with something nice and good going on.. john and i have booked a cottage in the lakes for feb, it's so cute www.cumbrian-cottages.co.uk/property-gallery.aspx - we're going for a week, and it's the first time we've been away together on our own! excited :)
a lady rang me from work solutions (these are the people that co employ us with the manchester city council) and she said my name has been chosen to come to meet with the london bosses of DWP (department for work and pensions) to see how i'm getting on in my placement, is the money their funding to future jobs fund a good thing and is it money well spent and all that malarky. and from doing this i receive £25 in gift vouchers for the high street, which isn't half bad.

mum bought me tickets to go to see thriller live on friday night.. it was amazing!

i hardly have any voice left from all the screaming i did - i loved it, oh my gosh! i would gladly go to see it over and over again.
it started off from him being young with the jackson five and this little boy was singing his heart out.. he was so adorable! i totally got lost in the whole moment. it was like seeing him when he was a little boy.. actually being there! i sound so mad, but nevermind :)

work as usual tomorrow, although i'm a bit apprehensive. i know there's going to be drama somewhere or somethings going to upset me and i'm going to cry.. because i'm kate, and that's all i seem to do!
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06 November 2010 @ 03:34 pm
i just thought i could do with a change
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